Shapes on a Plane Prints

Order signed prints, or follow the printing guide.

Order Signed Prints & Plots

Last updated - July 1st 2022

Order your Shapes on a Plane in print, signed. Made at my favourite London print house. The paper and process make these feel just like a matt screen print.

To order a signed print, you must own the original piece on-chain.

If you own a Ghost palette piece, you can alternatively choose to order a plotted version.

Order signed prints & plots

Self-printing & Plotting Guide

Last updated - July 1st 2022

This guide will create very similar (if not identical) results to the signed print orders above.

Shapes on a Plane prints work best at smaller print sizes, my personal sweet-spot being A3. But, they can be printed up to A1 should you so wish.

Gicleé Printing

Plotting at Home

For Ghost palette outputs, you have the alternative option to plot these. Feel free to experiment with the pens, paper and settings. Below is the process I’ve found to work well, and what I use to create the signed plots.

  • Paper - Fabriano Black Black

    This paper has a dense, smooth texture. It’s slighly lighter and warmer than pure black and accepts white inks very well.
  • Pens & ink

    I’ve had great results on this paper using white GellyRoll 08 weight pens.
  • Download plotter-ready assets

    These Ghost pallete outputs are designed for plotter use. These files are generated using the code above but using an SVG renderer which isn’t included in the original build.

    #003 #013 #097 #102 #176 #199 #203 #239 #258 #358 #422 #452 #454 #478 #481 #492 #497